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Variable Speed Drives For Three Phase Asynchronous Motors
Altivar 312 High performance instinctively !

Motor Powers

0.18 to 15 KW

Voltage range

Single – Phase 200 to 240 V up to 2.2 kW/3 HP.

3-phase 380 to 500 V up to 15 kW / 20 HP


Pumps, Ventilation, Materials Handling, Textile Machines, Packaging, Special Machines.

High Power Machines Altivar 71

Motor Powers

0.37 to 500KW

Voltage range

1-phase 200 to 240 V up to 5.5KW

3-phase 380 to 500 V up to 500KW


Material Handling, Hoisting, Wood Machines, Process Machines, Textile Machines, Packaging Machines

A comprehensive range of Motor Starters Altistart 48 Soft Starter 17 to 1 200 A

Voltage range

Single-phase 200 to 240 V.

3-phase 380 to 690 V

Rating: 0.75KW to 630KW


Pumps, Fans & High Inertia Machines, Compressors, Conveyors.

M340- PLC

Equipped with astounding memory and performances, this featherweight version will
imbue your applications with new momentum. Designed to operate in total synergy
with other Telemecanique devices, Modicon M340 represents pure concentrated


b 7 Kinstructions/ms

b 4 MB of program memory

b 256 KB of data

Compact Design

b 3 communication ports integrated in the processor

b High-density discrete I/O modules with 64 channels in a 32 mm wide format.

Communicative, with its integrated ports

CANopen machine and installation bus

Ethernet TCP/IP network – Transparent Ready

Modbus serial link or character mode

Remote access via STN, GSM, Radio or ADSL


Counter modules with ready-to-use functions

Function block library dedicated to motion control. MFB (Motion Function Blocks)to the PLCopen standard
Advanced library of process control blocks oriented towards control of machinery


USB port as standard

Embedded Web server

Recipe file management via FTP protocol

“Plug and Load” SD memory card

No batteries


Rack architecture enabling hot swapping of modules during operation (Hot-Swap)

Exceeds the standards in terms of shocks, vibrations, temperature, altitude and Withstand to electrical interference.


(Up to 248 I/O) Ideal for Machine Builders.

  • A large no. of integerated functions.
  • A PLC which fits anywhere
  • A Flexible and varied range.
  • A PLC designed for High speed


An Integeral real time clock.

Analogue modules.

Available in Six different configurations With power supply of 230VAC & 24VDC.

PREMIUM PLC (Up to 2048 I/O)

Mastering innovation, Applications and Communication to Optimize machine process

The Solution which :

  • Reduces machine cost
  • Adds value to your machines
  • Provides transparent access to data.
  • Enhances availibility & productivity.
  • Provides unrestricted compatibility.

Human Machine Interface (HMI)

(The Essential guide)

  • Display units with alphanumeric screen & Matrix screen.
  • Terminals with alphanumeric screen & Matrix Screen.
  • Graphic Terminals with Keypad & Touch screen (5.7, 7.4,10.4 & 12.1inches)
  • Industrial PC’s (Compact & Modular range) Mechanical handling, modular machines, textiles machines. Transferts machines, lifts.
  • Serial link communications.

SCADA software

The Vijeo Citect offer is characterized by its flexibility, allowing customers to build the
supervision solution that corresponds to their needs.

Vijeo Citect features and power makes it suitable for any application in any market, in most demanding fields:

  • b Energy and Infrastructure:
  • v Airports,
  • v Roads & tunnels,
  • v Water,
  • v Oil & Gas.
  • b Industry:
  • v Mining,
  • v Metal,
  • v Minerals.


The very flexible architecture in Vijeo Citect software and applications make the
investment are always scalable, and durable.

From small stand-alone system, to large distributed redundant multiple network
systems, only one single development tool needs to be used: this dramatically
reduces training and knowledge management costs, optimizing the investments.
As Vijeo Citec is perfectly aligned with Schneider Electric’s control / HMI / SCADA
offer development strategy, designers and users take full benefit from single
Accountability with Schneider Electric for system integration and performance.

Vijeo Citect exists:

v in a Client-Server architecture, ranging from 150 Points to an unlimited number of Points
v in a stand-alone version called Vijeo Citect Lite that can manage up to 500 Points, see page 36375/7.
Each Server license includes a Server Client and OFS. OFS stands for “OPC
Factory Server” from Schneider Electric. Based on the OLE for Process Control
(OPC) standard, OFS software allows a “client”, such as a Vijeo Citect SCADA
application, to access any data in Schneider Electric control systems and electrical
distribution devices connected to networks or fieldbuses, in real time.
It also allows communication with third-party devices supporting Modbus and Modbus TCP protocols.
At the heart of the Transparent Ready offer, OFS enables simpler, more open and transparent communication between your software applications and your devices.
These are just some of the advantages that ensure a complete interoperability solution that is central to your process.
Server licenses VJC 1011 pp are purchased by number of Points that are required to be displayed, not I/O (1). An upgrade offer VJC 1ppp 1p pp is available for expanding Client and Server licenses to the next Points Count. (2)

Lexium-23 Servo Drive

The range of Lexium 23 servo drives, compatible with BCH servo motors constitutes

a tailored solution for machines across a wide power and functionality range:

b Lexium 23 C servo drives :

v 200… 255 V single phase, 0,1 to 1,5 kW

v 170… 255 V three phase, 0,1 to 3 kW

b Lexium 23 M servo drives :

v 170… 255 V single phase, 3 kW to 7,5 kW

b BCH servo motor :

v Rated power : 0,1 to 7,5 kW

v Rated torque : 0,3 to 48 Nm

v Rated speed : 1000 to 3000 rpm depending of the model Lexium 23 servo drives wide power range combined with high performance functionalities and extended choice of BCH servo motors is the best suited package for all applications such as material working, material handling, textile, electronics, packaging and printing.

Lexium 23 servo drives can control your machine using 3 type of control modes:

Position control mode:

Using 3 types of pulse input (AB phase pulse,

CW CCW, Pulse/Direction)

Using internal 8 motion sequences.

Speed control mode :

Using analog inputs ( ± 10V)

Using internal 3 speed registers.

Torque control mode:

Using analog inputs ( ± 10V)

Using internal 3 torque registers

Switching control mode :

Under this mode, position, speed and torque control can be switched instantly by digital I/O.

Lexium-32 Servo Drive

The Lexium 32 range of servo drives covers motor power ratings between 0.15 kW
and 7 kW with three types of power supply:

110…120 V single-phase, 0.15 kW to 0.8 kW ( LXM 32ppppM2 )

200…240 V single-phase, 0.3 kW to 1.6 kW ( LXM 32ppppM2 )

208…480 V three-phase, 0.4 kW to 7 kW ( LXM 32ppppN4 )

Its versatile specifi cations provide the Lexium 32 range of servo drives with excellent fl exibility for integration in different control system structures.

Depending on the model, the Lexium 32 servo drive has logic or analog inputs and outputs as standard, which can be confi gured to adapt better to applications.

It also has control interfaces for easy access to the various architecture levels:

It has a control interface for control via pulse train It integrates a combined CANopen/CANmotion port for enhanced control system performance

It can also be connected to the main industrial communication networks and buses using various communication cards
The following protocols are available: PROFIBUS DP V1, DeviceNet, EtherNet/IP and EtherCAT.